Makeup and hairstyling services at home in Milan

Do you want to look impeccable for your next event? Choose the at-home makeup and hairstyling service for a meticulously polished look.

By appointment, we’ll decide on the most convenient time for you, so you can prepare with all the calm needed. You’ll have the convenience of being made up, coiffed, and finished after getting dressed, ensuring a flawless total look.

Why choose the makeup and hairstyling at-home service?

The at-home service allows you to have an even more exclusive and personalized experience. You’ll have an intimate moment dedicated solely to you, without distractions, to pamper yourself with utmost attention. You can take advantage of this relaxing time for an eyebrow restyling or a trim to your haircut too – true touches of class to crown a work of art.

My stylistic approach

My approach is highly personalized. I will never propose a makeup look or hairstyle I’ve done before, but will create something new and unique each time to highlight your beauty. I may ask you to show me images you like from the web or even better, from my Instagram, to get an idea of your tastes, but the final result will always be original and tailor-made for you.

Book the at-home makeup and hairstyling service now by clicking below and enjoy an exclusive, unhurried beauty experience. You’ll be perfect for your big day or super event! Contact me[/column]