Your image consultant in Milan for a personalized look

Your image consultant Milan

Image consultant in Milan and not just for weddings…but for all those important occasions like your birthday, an important anniversary, graduation, a job interview, the occasion of being a bridesmaid for your best friend or a fashion or themed event, a meeting during Milan Fashion Week, a fair like the Salone del Mobile, and all those situations where you need to present yourself with a winning and tailor-made look… I could also give you the idea of a personal branding photoshoot or photos with a personalized or slightly boudoir style: these are all moments where your personality will be portrayed and details of yourself that you don’t yet know you have will emerge.

Image Consultant: What it is and why it improves your figure

The image consultant is a professional expert in the fields of fashion, makeup, and hairstyling, whose main objective is to help people project the best version of themselves through a personalized look. This professional does not simply follow current trends, but carefully analyzes the client’s physical characteristics, personality, and lifestyle in order to create a unique aesthetic that is tailored to their needs.
One of the fundamental components of an image consultant’s work is creating a personalized look. This does not simply mean following the latest fashion trends, but rather identifying a style that reflects the client’s personality. The image consultant takes into account the body type, the colors that best complement the complexion, and the client’s personal preferences. Through targeted consultation, this professional helps build a wardrobe that enhances each individual’s unique characteristics.

Makeup in the Process

Makeup is another key element in the work of an image consultant. This professional does not simply suggest a makeup routine, but creates a look that emphasizes the distinctive features of the client’s face. They are familiar with the latest makeup trends, but adapt them to the specific needs of the individual, seeking to highlight natural beauty and correct any imperfections.

The Unique Hairstyle

The hairstyle is another crucial element in the process of creating a unique image. The image consultant collaborates with hairstylists to develop hairstyles that suit the client’s face and lifestyle. This may include modern haircuts, customized coloring, and advice on how to keep hair healthy and well-groomed.

In summary, the image consultant is a valuable ally for anyone who wants to improve their personal image. Through a combination of in-depth analysis and technical skills, this professional helps create a personalized look that reflects the client’s true essence. The end result is an authentic, unique image that is in harmony with the wearer’s personality.

My Service for a Personalized Look

For all that I am telling you, call me and I will be ready to study makeup and hairstyle for you, accompanying them with the choice of outfit and the event you will be attending.
All of my services are provided at your home, and I can come to your residence, hotel, location, or photo studio. At the moment I arrive, you will be ready with your outfit, and I will have the carefully selected look ready.
What are you waiting for then to treat yourself to some moments of beauty?
Makeup and hair don’t just belong to an aesthetic sensibility, but are a true key to understanding who you are!
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