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Simple, genuine allure. “Wind-swept hair and natural nude lips”

Amidst the towering peaks of the Dolomites, on the summit of Monte Seceda, Aureljia and Mantydas transformed their most beautiful day into an unforgettable adventure. This young, modern Lithuanian couple, passionate about trekking, chose to celebrate their love in a place that mirrored their greatest passion: the mountains.

Their elopement, a romantic and courageous choice, added a touch of adventure and intimacy to their wedding. Without makeup or hair trials, Aureljia embraced the freedom of a look that reflected her personality and the natural, spontaneous atmosphere of the event.

Her half-up hairstyle allowed her long locks to flow freely, capturing the essence of the wind that blows between the peaks. The luminous makeup emphasized her natural beauty, with shades of pink and bronze eyeshadows creating a radiant and enchanting effect that harmoniously complemented the sunlight filtering through the mountain tops.

If you dream of celebrating your love in a unique and unforgettable setting, there is no better place than the Dolomites. With our hair and makeup services, we’ll be here to help you bring your vision of the perfect wedding to life, wherever you choose to say “I do” in Italy.

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Aureljia and Mantydas