Alt = glowing eyes shadow makeup for elopement on Como Lake
Glowing eyeshadow & semi up do waves for a fresh, free bridal look.

The magic of Lake Como unveils its full splendor during the colder months, when the mist envelops the calm waters and the snow-capped mountains frame the fairytale landscapes. It was here that Nicholas and Delia, a romantic Australian couple, chose to celebrate their love in an unparalleled elopement.In the intimate atmosphere of an elopement, everything happens spontaneously and authentically, starting with the encounter between the bride and her Italian makeup artist on the very day of the wedding. An immediate and sincere rapport was established from the start, with Rossella capturing Delia’s essence and interpreting it perfectly through makeup and hairstyling.Organized by the renowned “Elope to Lake Como,” their winter elopement took place in the splendid and romantic Villa del Balbianello on the magical Lake Como in Italy. It was a magical day where Rossella’s expert hands made Delia a radiant bride, with a delicate makeup and romantic hairstyle that enhanced her natural beauty. “A glowing eye shadow & semi updo waves for my bridal look”
Caressed by the winter breeze and illuminated by the soft glow of the day. Delia appeared splendid on the most beautiful day of her life. An unforgettable memory for Nicholas and Delia, who will forever carry in their hearts the emotion of that dreamy elopement and the warmth of that fortuitous yet special encounter with Erica, their trusted Italian makeup artist.
Are you a bride planning your dream elopement in Italy, amidst the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como? Or perhaps you’re organizing your grand wedding affair and seeking a skilled bridal makeup artist? Look no further! Share your vision for your special day, and I’ll be thrilled to bring it to life. Contact me contact me today to discuss your needs and preferences, and let’s create magic together!”

  • Alt = glowing eyes shadow makeup for elopement on Como Lake